My policy on affiliate links

Some of the links I provide in my articles are links to partners, from whom I earn a small commission when you decide to buy from them.

I do exercise a strict approach to these affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?
An affiliate link is a link from Shaving Detective to a vendor (typically a web store). The link has a special tag attached to it, which allows the vendor to link the customer (you) with the affiliate (me). No personal information is shared between me and the vendor and I will only get commission if you decide to buy from the vendor through my link.

Why do I use affiliate links?
Running a website like involves some costs. Running the servers, buying shaving equipment and sending out gifts from our giveaways require me to earn a bit on the site. Some of the money come from direct advertising (banner ads), but the affiliate links add a bit extra.

On top of that, I also pay some of the giveaway prizes from the commission I earn.

How do I choose which affiliates to link to?

First of all – I am the only one to decide what to link from my website! Period!

Advertisers or vendors have no influence on my content, and the only directly paid links on my website are the ads you see in the sidebar. There are NO sponsored links in my content!

Basically, I link to websites that I like.

I spend a lot of money on (and, so naturally I link to them quite often.

I could send you there without the affiliate links (and earn nothing) – or add a small tag to the link and earn a few bucks. By the way – the two links above are also affiliate links. As you can see, they don’t bite! 🙂

By using these links, you help me run – and you still get the same great prices as you would by going directly to the site.

Summing it up
1) Yes, I do link to affiliate partners on this website.
2) Yes, I do earn a small commission if you end up buying from these partners.
3) Yes, you help me keep running this website by shopping through these links.
4) I decide completely which sites to link to from my articles and newsletters. No vendors are allowed to dictate what or where I link in my articles, nor do they get any editorial influence. If I believe something to be crap, I’ll call it crap.
4) I use the earnings from the affiliate sales to improve my website. I won’t buy a new Porsche, but perhaps a can of shaving cream for the next giveaway. 🙂

Please contact me if you have any questions about my affiliate policy.


Hans – the Shaving Detective

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