Wet Shaving


Buying And Restoring My First Vintage Razor – Part 1

Last month, I made a purchase on a local online auction. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, as the description on the auction site was quite vague. “Nostalgic Gillette” and “Old metal box with razor in it”… That was pretty much all I knew when I made my first bid. But I didn’t […]

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Goodfella Double Edge Razor

The market for Double Edge razors is usually quite predictable with the german Merkur razors as some of the most popular models. But every now and then, a new player hits the market. One of these players is the New Zealand based KiwiShaver, who present a beautiful and stylish razor – in a classic design. […]

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Is cold shaving a lost art?

Cold Water Shaving

When I watched the HBO series Band of Brothers, I was struck by how the soldiers, ill-supplied, freezing, and wearily dug into the snowy trenches of Bastogne, still made time to shave. The clean shaven face was and is military policy. Even today, US soldiers, although they must do without hot water and baths for months at a time, still try to get in a daily shave. It might seem like a strange policy to civilians, but requiring the men to be well-groomed is believed to be important in preserving the men?s sense of discipline and the esprit de corps.

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The Schick Hydro 5 is now available in the US

Schick Hydro hits the US market

Schick Hydro, a revolutionary new razor with many first to market technologies, goes on sale today at stores across the US. Billed by makers as a complete razor redesign ? from blade, to lubricating system, to handle ? Schick Hydro razors are the most thoroughly tested, highest-rated products in the brand?s 88 year history. These […]

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Gillette ProGlide

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Preview

The “Fusion” series from Gillette has been improved once again.

Gillette has announced the release of the next generation of the popular razor. The new Fusion ProGlide and ProGlide Power will be launched in the US in June, 2010.

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