Gillette Fusion ProGlide Preview

Gillette ProGlide
The Fusion ProGlide is expected to launch in USA in the summer of 2010. Rest of the world will follow.

The “Fusion” series from Gillette has been improved once again.

Gillette has announced the release of the next generation of the popular razor. The new Fusion ProGlide and ProGlide Power will be launched in the US in June, 2010.

We are looking forward to bring you a thorough review of the ProGlide as soon as we get our hands on it.

According to Gillette, the ProGlide will provide an even closer shave compared to the older Fusion and Fusion Phenom razors. The basics are still unchanged, with 5 shaving blades and 1 precision blade on the back side.

The blades are improved by making them thinner and more flexible, and the handle is slightly larger and more ergonomical in its design.

For me, it seems as if the ProGlide will only provide some minor improvements over the Fusion and Fusion Phenom. I do hope to have a thorough review of the ProGlide later this year.

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    • Dean
    • June 1, 2011

    My wie just baought me one of these new razers. We are both in our 70’s and our problem is simple–where is the battery suppose to go? Please help us.

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