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The RazorPit – reviewed by Shaving Detective

One of the reasons I started the ShavingDetective website, was the frustration I felt every time I had to buy new cartridges for my Gillette and Wilkinson shavers. I believe everyone who use shavers with replaceable cartridges have felt this way.

If you want to continue using a replaceable shaver (and not go for either Double Edge blades or electrical shavers), there is only one way to save money. Make your blades last longer!

To make your blades last for more than just a few shaves, you must either accept some extra drag on your face as the older blades gets dirty and blunt – or use one of the few “blade savers” on the market. But which of these should you go for? I have just tested the RazorPit – and as I mentioned in an earlier post, it claims to prolong the lifetime of your cartridges.

How I tested the RazorPit

For this review, I took two brand new Gillette Fusion cartridges, and marked one with a “+” and one with a “-“. I used each of them every second day. After each shave, the “+”-cartridge was cleaned using the RazorPit. The “-“-cartridge was cleaned using nothing but hot water. Both cartridges were put to dry in RazorPits built-in stand.

First impressions

The silicon coated plastic which the RazorPit is made of doesn’t look fancy at all. It certainly won’t win any design awards on its looks – but on the other hand it feels quite robust and provides a nice “docking station” for your Gillette razor. It works great with the original Fusion razor, but the latest Fusion ProGlide Power is too big to fit. (I guess the normal ProGlide without the battery will fit, though). You can still clean your ProGlide power using the RazorPit – it just won’t fit in the stand afterwards. So it’s a minor detail I guess.

The RazorPit is extremely simple to use – just put some foam on the surface, and push the razor across it a few times after each shave. You can see a video of how it works in my previous post, “RazorPit – the Simple Revolution?“. It takes just a minute or two to use.

Does it work?

The ads claim you will get up to 150 shaves per blade. That may be true under some conditions. But I never got to that amount. Even so, the RazorPit did in fact make my blades last longer!

The “+”-blade (Cleaned using the RazorPit) lasted for 24 days. Compare that to the 6 days of the blade cleaned using hot water only… That’s 18 days extra – or a stunning 300% improvement!

The price of the RazorPit is about the same as 8 new Fusion cartridges. If the RazorPit works just as well for you as it did for me, it will practically be saving you money from day one.

Using replaceable cartridges like Gillettes Fusion or Schicks Hydro blades is more expensive than using a traditional double edge razor. But it is also easier and faster. With the RazorPit, you can use each blade for a little longer – and save money even by using the replaceable cartridges!

On a 5-star scale, I would give the RazorPit 4 stars. It works great, but to get the fifth star, the RazorPit would need to come up with a nice travel pouch or something – and a stand that will take the new Fusion ProGlide Power as well.. But for now, I guess the RazorPit is the best you can buy to improve the lifetime of your razor blades. You can get the Razorpit Β from Amazon or from Razorpits own website, razorpit.com.

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    • Tan
    • July 20, 2010

    My boyfriend and I got the Martell Shaving Pad from Innovatell. This product has an specially designed surface that keeps your Razor Sharp for months by realigning bended edges of razor blades. We are using the same blade for the past 8 months now. That’s saving lots of $$ and having the same comfort like a new razor blade every time we shave. I’m wondering if the razor pit uses the same technology?

      • Phillip King
      • January 4, 2016

      My son bought me a razorpit 18 months ago and i am still using the same blade. Not as sharp as new blades but still very good and no nicks, just a little more drag. I am not interested in the technology (I was told that nano technology was involved) – I just know it works.

      …. and so much easier than running the blade up my arm 10 times or over my jeans etc.

      By the way, my blade is a cheaper brand (Aldi store) and maybe that means a softer steel than the brand names.

      • Jack Thweatt
      • January 15, 2017

      I received the basic Razorpit for Father’s day in 2016. While the instructions recommended starting with a new blade, I decided to use one of the Gillette Venus disposables I had stashed away that was ready to discard. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the Venus in that the triple blade with both top and bottom ridges has served me well with each blade lasting about a week. However, finding them at Walmart poses the same challenge as all other blades/cartridges – are they in stock? have they messed with the packaging (all with handles, without handles, extra cartridges, etc)? So I cleaned the blade as prescribed and was extremely pleased with the result. I’ve found that if I clean the blade using 7 strokes forward as recommended, then 5 strokes backwards; rince, repeat forward for 10 strokes; rince and let dry for next use, I achieve best results. As of today, I’ve been using the same blade for 215 days and see no end in site. I sure wish somebody had told me about this years ago. Highly recommended.

  1. Tan, Thank you for your comment – and welcome to this site!

    I had never heard of the Martell Shaving Pad before reading your comment, but you are absolutely right. It looks as if both the RazorPit and the Martell Shaving Pad use a silicon based surface to clean the blades. The way of using the tool also seems practically identical. At least from what I can see from the Shaving Pad website.

    • Tan
    • July 21, 2010

    Hi Hans,

    For what I know about the Martell Shaving Pad, it has an specially designed surface (Grooving surface lines) that realigns the edge of the razor blades like the butchers do when resharpen their knifes; so when I think about it it makes a lot of sense :)but the “Razorpit” has a flat surface, how the razor pit manages to resharpen the edge of razor blades just by cleaning hair and soap? I dont understand their explanation. I have some background in Materials, so thats why Martell Shaving Pad made more sense for me.. hihi πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Tan and Hans,

    They use the same technology. But the technology is under our patent. I will not get more into this here, as this is a legal matter which we will deal with.

    Martell Shaving Pad says that they are realigning the edge of the blade, but what they are actually doing is cleaning the blade. The same as RazorPit.

    1. Thanks Jesper!
      Great to see you commenting here! I guess we’ll stop the discussion of Martell vs RazorPit here and await any further development in the case.

      And to Tan – thanks for bringing my attention to the Shaving Pad – I will update you all on this later. πŸ™‚

      • Ryder
      • September 28, 2014

      Hi Jesper…
      Actually, Martell has it 100% correct. They know the issue, and are fixing the problem properly. You are mistaken about “cleaning”. By cleaning the blade (not the problem) you accidentally fixed the problem… the “cleaning” action actually repairs the blade tip in the process… (aligning).

      You just got lucky that your cleaning process also just happened to realign the blades tips.

      And this has been known probably for centuries… the leather strop for the straight razor does precisely the same thing.

      If cleaning worked, then you could simply put the razor in an ultrasonic cleaner, and clean the blades, and get great results. But you can’t. It’s not the cleaning.

    • Tan
    • July 24, 2010

    Oh I see, I dont know anything about patents lol but Im a very curious person hi hi But I still dont understand how a flat surface (RazorPit) and I’m looking at the Martell Shaving Pad right now, and it has a surface with grooving lines all realing at a certain distance on the pad. So what they say, and it was tested by the News Papers (I checked and its true, it was writtent in all the News Papers in Canada and US)


    They say that the edge bends due to shaving stress we applied during shaving, and it was even tested by a Know University in Canada(McGill), and since I have degree in Materials, Its true, Materials behave differently at certain level. THIS is why I ask again(Razorpit) HOW a flat surface can resharpen the edge of razor blades? I think we have here a very nice topic to talk πŸ™‚

    Thank you Han for your time, and Jesper too.

      • Chris
      • May 30, 2013

      it’s all rubbish..just use a pair of old jeans and run the blade up the jeans about 10 times it will sharpen the blade or run the blade on your forearm going towards your shoulder 10xs or so.. same thing…As for Razor pit and all the rest..all you are buying is a gimmick..that you can do yourself for ZERO MONEY..Martell Pad or Razor pit…it’s all just a redesigned way to sharpen your razor that you can do for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…look it up on U Tube plenty of videos on the subject…look up sharpening shaving Razors…don’t give these clowns money

  3. Dudes! I’m using the Martell Shaving Pad and now it’s been like 10 Months that i’ve been using the same Razor.I got it for free when this company passed by our University (Concordia) and gave away like a huge Truck of Martell Shaving Pads.Nways I was like: dude this is good!, and after all this time, I’m still using the same Razor. I dnt know about the razorPit but I wonder where is the Technology razorPit claims? its just a piece of rubber..Plus I went to the razorpit.ca site to check their technology explanation, and dude they’re using Martell Shaving Pad key words to drive traffic to their site! dude that’s weird! Why would they use Martell shaving pad keywords if it’s under their patent??

  4. The flat surface has a unique softness that comes into contact with the surface of the razor blade. When in contact with the razor blade, the high level of friction of the material from the razor pit cleans the razor blades.

    In regards to our patent, it is a patent that covers the special softness of a material used to sharpen a razor blade.

    If you take a look at the patent application of the martell shaving pad, you will probably note our patent being mentioned in regards to most of the claims in Martell’s.

    • Stjepan
    • August 15, 2010

    I came across this page after a search for “martell shaving pad”. The comments promoting the martell pad on this site look like they were posted by the martell pad marketing team.

    Given that I hate companies with deceptive practices, there is no way that I am buying the martell pad. Thanks to this website for promoting an alternative product (whose creator has the decency of posting as himself).

    • Jack
    • August 25, 2010

    I purchased the Martell Shaving Pad after reading a good write up in the Toronto Star. Ordered it from the Martel web site.

    It cost $ 19.99 US + $ 5 S&H and with 13 % HST totaled $ 28.24 US ($ 30.58 CDN). Received it 9 days later.
    I have a Gillette fusion 5 blade razor (which I got free) and have been using it now for 6 weeks and still get an excellent shave with no nicks – not quite as sharp as a new blade. As the fusion blade costs over $ 4 CDN, I’ve just about paid for the Martell shaving pad now. I also dry off the blade each time which may help as well as I’ve read it helps to cut down on the blade corrosion by doing this.

    Would recommend it to save cost of buying blades. It will eat into Gillette, Schick, etc. company profits which come from selling the blades and often giving the razor itself away free with a rebate. Schick currently have a rebate program now for a Schick 5 blade Hydro.

    Can’t wait for the 6 blade generation !

    • Saraf
    • August 29, 2010

    I completely agree with Stjepan. The first comment about the whatever shaving pad could have been a real question, but the more I read the more convinced I became that the company was posting those comments here. No college student write on the internet “The (insert full name of product here) is the greatest thing since sliced bread – I’m so glad I have it, you have got to get a (full name of product again)”. lame. I’m going to get one of these puppies for my hubby for his birthday – thanks for the review!

    • Jim
    • September 5, 2010

    I bought a Martell pad several months ago and my current shaving cartridge (Gillette Mach 3 Turbo) has been under daily use for 3 months with no loss of sharpness. I also dip the razor in mineral oil after each shave to deter corrosion. I was skeptical at first but, after the first couple months, I am convinced that it actually does prolong blade life. I don’t really care how it does it, but I’m saving money. BTW, I don’t have any relationship whatsoever with Martell or any of its associates.

    • Elliot
    • September 12, 2010

    From what i’ve read, the “realignment of the blade’s edge” sounds remarkably like the practice of stropping a straight edge blade. If i’m right, it’s very interesting to see how old technology is brought back around and used with a new application. I think i’ll stick to my DE razor though-the blades are still cheaper than the fusions πŸ™‚

    • Tom
    • September 29, 2010

    To Jesper,

    You said in your post ” the high level of friction of the material from the razor pit cleans the razor blades.”
    What Material is that?


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    • Darell
    • October 21, 2010

    I could not resist, as there was another material degree holder around.

    I would suggest the material should be one of the below:

    TPVs/TPOs/Silicon rubber

    Polymer guy here,


  6. It is a polymer based silicone as d’john said. πŸ™‚

    In regards to the martell shaving pad. Their patent application will have problems in regards of them actually being a new invention, because of another patent. A patent that is held by RazorPit. They are using our technology. It is that simple.

    I could say a lot more about the martell shaving pad, but i think their strategy on this site tells all.

    But in the end i will be satisfied as long as all of us “shave” off a big chung of our spendings on razor blades.

    • thom Box
    • December 17, 2010

    Can i sharpen my DE blades in the razor?

    • Jesper
    • January 26, 2011

    Yes you can… It is quite easy… I know mantic59 will do a video of this soon.

    1. Thanks Jesper. I’ll try to ask mantic59 when it’ll be ready.
      I will try to embed the video here on ShavingDetective. πŸ™‚

    2. Actually what make them wear out quicker is not clneniag and drying them after every use.microscopic rust is the reason the get dull. Simply take a small brush to clean it and then dry it. I dry them by by rubbing it on a towel the opposite way than shaving and also you can use the hair dryer to dry them .

  7. In my tests with a DE razor, Razor pit doubled the life of the blade. I suspect the reduced performance with DE blades (vs. cartridges) is related to the angle the razor must be held at for the cleaning stroke: if you don’t get it just right you probably won’t get the most effective cleaning.

    Interestingly, I discovered that running the razor/blade in a similar fashion on an ordinary dry hand towel results in extending blade life almost as long as a Razorpit.

    Oils, such as immersing a blade in olive oil or using a commercial product like Pacific Shaving’s Blade Oil, will also prolong blade life noticably.

    Any product that claims to “strop” or “resharpen” a razor blade cartridge is by defninition incorrect: to sharpen a blade you must have access to both sides of the edge. Blades do not degrade uniformally. Even “stropping” a DE blade is up for debate, due to the blade’s flexibility.

    Yes, I’m planning a video about all this shortly: I’m still testing various products. πŸ™‚

    • Lachlan
    • February 11, 2011

    This doesn’t seem any different from running your razor backwards up your arm to clean off the corrosion.

    I’ve been doing this for the past year and have only gone through 2 razor blades, averaging roughly 80 shaves per blade.

    • Still
    • March 7, 2011

    Well I run the razor blade a few times in a similar fashion on an ordinary dry hand towel…. And use the same razor blade for… some 2-2.5 months πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! Dry hand towels, backwards up the arm, you name it. There are in fact a lot of (free) ways to get similar results. I think I will write an article about that today.
      Thanks for posting your tip here!

    • Dave
    • April 22, 2011

    Just wondering, I know that a fusion proglide power won’t fit, which is fine with me since I’m using a proglide manual (I prefer the skinnier and heavier handle). What I’m curious about is whether or not the proglide power blades will work the same on the razorpit since it has those microcombs on the razor.

    1. It will work just the same. When you push the razor across the razorpit, the lubricating strip will be first, followed by the blades and then last comes the microcomb and the lamels. Even though I haven’t tested the RazorPit with the ProGlide blades, I am certain it will just the same as it does with ordinary Fusion blades.

    • David
    • May 31, 2011

    Didn’t the Razor Pit come out after the Martell Shaving pad, yet Razor Pit claims Martell is using their patent? I am not saying this is not possible but why wasn’t Razor Pit first to market? Looks like Martell took the technology and improved upon it.

      • Jesper - CEO Razorpit
      • October 31, 2011

      No our patent is from 2007 – Martell’s latest patent application is from 2010…

    • Chris
    • June 1, 2011

    Just to be picky – you say “it will practically be saving you money from day one”. If it costs the same as 8 cartridges and each one lasts 8 days, then, assuming you’re talking about 4-packs, it won’t save you any money for 256 days!

    • Ryan
    • July 28, 2011

    How on earth could you possibly go through a blade in 6 days without using this unit? Scraping it on concrete in between strokes?

    How could “cleaning” the blade of materials like skin, hair, and whatever lubrication product (all of which are drastically less hard than steel) have any impact whatsoever on the edge?

    Were you compensated for your writings on this product, and/or did you receive the product for free?

    1. I don’t think it has any impact on the edge – but it certainly has an impact on the contact surface between the edge of the blade and your skin. And in the end – that is what really matters!
      I would never write any paid articles on this website. I was not compensated for writing this article, and I bought the product myself at a local store. I do sometimes receive free products, but that will never bias my reviews. What you get from this website is my honest opinion.

    • mike
    • August 2, 2011

    Hey Hans, Which local store did you find this product at?

    1. It was a Danish store, Fotex. I’m not sure it’s available in stores outside of Denmark. I have only seen it on the internet elsewhere.

        • Jesper - CEO Razorpit
        • October 31, 2011

        It is available at a lot of speciality stores worldwide.

        Contact retailer@razorpit.com – They will help you.

    • Neil
    • September 1, 2011

    If RazorPit has already proven that the razor goes blunt because of build-up on the edge and NOT misalignment etc etc, then the Martell pad’s explanation must be a gimmick and what it must be doing is the same thing as a RazorPit…basically cleaning the edge to “reveal” the cutting edge as opposed to aligning or straightening the blade, which to me seems highly unlikely!

    • Martin
    • January 23, 2012

    I’ve been using a king of Shaves Azor for many years after becoming sick of paying Big G’s massive prices for shorter and shorter lives blades. They last mush longer, bristles clear easier but the gap between the edge of the blades and edge of the blade unit is massive. The shave is rougher but the blades are half the price and last twice as long.

    In saying that though occasionally I go back to the old powered fusion and love it but hate the cost of the blades compared to longevity.

    All this talk of ‘stropping’ them in whatever format people come up with has just made me dig out some ancient (well used 15 year old ones) tea towels, an oil stone from the garage and a little tune of teflon based high temp superlube.

    You know it’s also proven that placing blades under tin foil pyramids is a long known and proven method – proven by the family of the ‘subject’ father doing this without his knowledge. Also, on important laser shows a close colleague of mine would carefully make two foil pyramids and place them on top of the lasers with exact alignment known only to him – and guess what – Perfect show!

    • Tim
    • February 29, 2012

    I used this product for a couple of months and it is amazing. I would highly recommend this to anybody.

    After searching I found this at http://www.mdyshop.nl/product/1191/razorpit-scheermesjes-reiniging

    • Myke
    • March 5, 2012

    Wish I would have known about the RazorPit sooner, it realy works for everyone in my home! No more irritated skin and buying expensive new venus blades…! Bought it at mdyshop.com.

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  9. Hello to all, how is the whole thing, I think every
    one is getting more from this site, and your views are fastidious in support of new visitors.

    • Mark
    • April 6, 2013

    The whole concept of using this decide is hokum. Its not really going to make a blade last any longer rubbing it backward up a piece of silicon. The fact is I do nothing to my mach 3 and I’ve been using that same blade with out problem for more than 3 years. It still works great. I also use a DE. They lose their edge very quickly but start out very sharp. My mach 3 is still going. Good luck to people stupid enough to believe it makes any difference.

      • Ryder
      • September 28, 2014

      No.. it makes a large difference, especially with a cheaper disposable blade. Normally, my disposables last 2-3 weeks, if I man up and take the pain of a dull blade. This process will actually FIX THAT BLADE… making it usable again.

  10. Or.. Just switch to DE shaving. You’ll save even more money because the blades are so cheap and you will get a better shave…. Or.. Buy a Rolls Razor. You’ll save even more money because the blade is not disposable and you strop and hone it in it’s case. Or.. Man up and learn how to use a straight razor, and learn how to strop and hone it correctly. You’ll never need to buy another razor blade again

      • Jason
      • October 28, 2013

      Or better yet, learn how to properly use a flamethrower! Blades are for sissies!

      Toby, guys like you crack me up.

  11. Ok, so I saw this show on Cable about “Products you must have”, and this product was on the show. It looks intriguing for my wife and her razors, but honestly, I don’t use shaving cream, just wet shave in the shower, and my razors last 3 months each easy.

    So, I buy a set of razors once per year. All you have to do is put a hot wet towel on your face while in the shower for about 3 minutes. It’s as simple as that.

    I am not saying this product is a gimmick, but I have better things to do with $30, like buy a $2.50 cup of coffee every day. :/

    • Neal
    • March 9, 2014

    The blades in gillete Mach III are slightly recessed, so how does the razor pit sharpen them?, I have held the gillete on a glass surface and moved it up and down and the blades do not make contact with glass.

      • Ryder
      • September 28, 2014

      Because your face is not made of glass either.

    • John
    • June 28, 2014

    I’m a convert back to the old style soaps and brushes. When my Dad taught me how to shave I used a brush and a cream that was toothpaste like and came in tube like toothpaste called ‘Shave’. As I got older I fell for the hype of the aerosol creams and gels. Used them for many years although when I went bush I used the old Palmolive Shave Stick. It fit into a 35mm film canister but you did have to cut it in half. I saw too many blokes end up with a pack full of shaving cream when the lid would come off and dispense. What a mess. I also liked the fact that using the soap and brush made me feel cleaner afterwards. But at home I used the gels. That was up until 2009 when I was overseas and couldn’t get hold of any aerosol gel. My wife sent me a tin of shaving soap and a brush. My initial reaction was what the hell has she sent me but I was desperate so I used them. Straight away my shaving felt easier. That tin lasted up until Christmas 2013. My wife bought me a new tub of Italian shaving soap and I love it more than the old tin one. It lathers up really well, my skin feels better and I have less irritation. I shave in the shower and use an exfoliant before I shave and a post shave balm to help sooth and moisturise. The old brush she sent me is on its way out now. It leaves bristle behind in the soap and on my face. Just have to find one I like. Going to look into the Razorpit now to try and extend the life of my blades.

    • Ryder
    • September 28, 2014

    Guys… guys… I have been shaving with the same disposable razor for SIX MONTHS, for FREE.

    Cleaning is NOT the issue.

    I shave in the shower, so that makes it easier…. but regardless, just run the razor backwards up your forearm 10 times quickly immediately before you shave. This causes the cutting edge of the blade to straighten out (re-align) after having been bent by the previous shave.

    You don’t need shaving cream… or lubricant or anything… just water on your arm minimally. I often have soap or shampoo on my arm just because I am showering.

    My razor is as sharp as when I bought it new. For free. Save your money.

    Also don’t do it after you shave. Do it before. The oils and skin and such, coat the blade between shaves, and help prevent oxygen from reaching the metal, which will rust (oxide) and truly dull the blade, in a non-recoverable way. (Yes, stainless steel does rust. Just not as fast.)

    • Chuck
    • December 27, 2015

    So, who has the patent? Is it Blade Buddy (Martell Shaving Pad) or Razor Pit? Both seem to claim they have the patent!!! What does it really cover it a pair of jeans can do the trick?

    • Matt
    • May 11, 2016

    Been using the same blade for 5 months after buying the razorpit, for 30 bucks this thing has saved me 60 in half a year. …gillette and schick would have a contract on the inventors head by now I’d imagine

    • Kevin Thompson
    • December 16, 2016

    I have been using the Razor Pit for a couple years, and have had great success. Being able to use one cartridge for 3+ months saves tons of cash. I use Gillette Mark 3 cartridges. I have a beard but shave my head, so the blades get a workout. It has paid for itself many times over.

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