RazorPit – The simple revolution?

Shaving Detective will test if the RazorPit really can make your blades last for 150 shaves

Update: Read my full review of the RazorPit here

It looks a bit odd. Just like a normal cradle for your Gillette shaver. No fancy colors or sparkling details… Just plain, black plastic. Bot don’t let the looks fool you! It does in fact perform magic!

I am talking about the RazorPit – a Danish product claiming to prolong the lifetime of your shaving blades by up to 900%.

The RazorPit can be used for nearly all kinds of shaving blades, from Double Edgeblades to disposable cartridges. A special coating will help you clean your blades, allowing up to 150 shaves on ONE Gillette blade. At least according to the people behin RazorPit.

I am currently waiting for a RazorPit to arrive in my mailbox, and I will bring you a thorough review over the next weeks. Have you tried the RazorPit yourself? Let us all know what you think by posting your comments below.

Have a look at the simplicity of the Razorpit here:

Update: Read my full review of the RazorPit here

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  1. Greatings, Interesante, yo cotizaci?n en mi sitio m?s tarde.


    • Warren
    • April 28, 2010

    What’s the verdict?

    1. Well… Unfortunately, the RazorPit I was promised has been delayed or lost in the mail… So for now, the verdict is “pending” 🙂
      I hope to get it within the next week or so – but I will keep you updated.
      [Update, May 6, 2010: I got the RazorPit today. Stay tuned for the first part of the review…]

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    • Stev
    • July 30, 2010

    As a shaving detective, have you tried the Martell Shaving Pad? They say it realings the Razor blades and they have an specially designed surface.
    Let’s us know about the Martell Shaving Pad, I think as a shaving detectiv, you have to be able to tell us your opinion! 🙂

    God bless!

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