Six Shooter Shaving Brushes

If you are looking for a shaving brush that will stand out from the crowd and attract some comments, then you should have a look at the new shaving brushes from American company, Six Shooter Shaving.

These shaving brushes are designed to replicate the look of a loaded revolver body, and come in five different metal colors. The knot can be taken off to easily fit a replacement if the brush wears out at some point.

six-shooter-gift-packThe shaving brush cost USD $149 as a stand-alone product, but you can get a complete gift set including the brush, a specially designed stand and a tube of shaving cream for $199.┬áThe knot on the brush is average sized at 20 mm, and the website tells that the hair is “finest badger.”

You can probably find similar brushes on the market at much lower prices, but if you like these cool metal handles, then Six Shooter Shaving Brushes could be for you.

I haven’t been able to try the Six Shooter shaving brushes, but I do like the design and the concept of being able to separate the handle from the actual brush in just a few seconds. I am sure there could be a market for this kind of “shaving handle memorabilia”, allowing you to buy a quality shaving brush and a handle to suit your own taste.

For now, I will probably just stick to my usual shaving brush and keep the 200 dollars in my pocket. If you are interested in military gifts and revolvers in particular a .44 caliper shaving brush could be just what you desire…

Read more about the Six Shooter Shaving Brushes at

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  1. Not cheap, but they look great.

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  3. lol… this is awesome! I am so going to and getting one.

    • Greg
    • August 8, 2013

    Hey Hans,

    Great shaving guide. I could use a new dry razor, recommendations?

    I’ve resumed blogging, just wanted to shout out to some folks who dropped off memorable notes! Hope your blogging is going well.


    • Derek
    • February 14, 2014

    This is an awesome gift idea for a friend who loves wet shaving. I’ll definitely present this brush to one of my fellows.

  4. Reminds of a bullet belt that i tried to pass through Customs in Honolulu , because i was a huge Megadeth fan back in the day and Dave Mustaine always wore bullet belts across his torso.. Anyways, i got pulled up for the belt and had to declare it but they allowed me to put in the cargo baggage and the rest is history… Interesting article by the way..


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