The viking heritage (or “Living in the no mans land of Shaving”)

You would expect shaving equipment to be widely available everywhere. I live in Denmark, and we generally consider ourselves as a highly developed society. We have been named ‘the happiest people in the World’, and we like to spend our money on high quality products. At least the products we can use to show off with. When it comes to shaving, we’re generally left with a few brands and extraordinary high prices.

A few good online shops have emerged in the last few years, but the average man doesn’t buy shaving equipment online. Chances are that he’ll go to the super market – and find two different Gillettes with replaceable blades and a no-name disposable razor. The larger super markets may have a 5-pack of Gillette DE blades, but don’t expect more than that. Visiting a drug store won’t help much, as the stock is pretty much the same.

I have never seen any other brand of DE blades than Gillette in a Danish shop. I went to Germany earlier this month, and a normal drugstore had 4 different brands of DE blades – and several qualities in each brand.

As a shaving detective, I buy most of my stuff online. Especially from shops in England, but also from Germany, Sweden, USA and a few other places.

Are we still vikings?

Back in time, Denmark (and the rest of Scandinavia) was the home of the Vikings. Vikings are usually depicted with a large beard and wild hair. Today, more than a thousand years later we still consider shaving and grooming to be… well, unnecessary at best.

I like buying stuff online, but when it comes to buying a shaving gel or after shave, I would still prefer to buy it in a “real” store. But flying to Germany or London every now and then just doesn’t fit my budget.

Where do you shop?

Do you find it hard to get the shaving equipment you like? Or is this just a thing I’m experiencing in Denmark?

Let me know where you get your equipment – online or in a brick’n’mortar store..

And finally, let me wish you all a Merry christmas! I’ll get back with a few articles in the next few days. Take care!

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    • Ged Gilmore
    • March 17, 2011

    I am looking at moving to Denmark in the next few months and I am intrested in the price of ordinary commodoties such as razorblades. I am using a Mach 3 turbo at the moment but my little boy has just bought me a Fusion Pro Glide for my birthday (don’t tell anyone it’s a big secret :-)). Just trying to get a handle on the prices of everyday things. Can anyone help?

    1. Ged, welcome to the site – and soon welcome to Denmark! The ProGlide is not yet on the market in Denmark. I have asked Gillette several times when it will be available, but they “don’t want to comment on future releases”. The blades for the ordinary Fusion are sold for somewhere between 100 and 150 Danish kroner for a pack of four blades.

      I will be launching a new Danish web store with shaving products within a month or so. It is possible that Gillette will be part of the product range, but it will probably focus on Double Edge shaving and quality shaving products (gels, creams, etc.). Let me know if you have any special wishes. 🙂

      Where will you be living here?

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